Commercial Air Cond Rental

Commercial Air Cond Rental in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Malaysia

Compared to the Portable Air Conditioner Rental, Commercial Air Cond is in larger capacity, but the location is fixed after the installation. The most common model of our commercial air cond rental fleet is 5HP floor standing air conditioner.
The reliability of air cond is crucial for our operation, we choose only the high-quality air cond brand as our air cond rental fleets. We maintain and clean the air cond from time to time ensure the rental fleets is in its best condition.

Before installing the air conditioner, we need to survey the air cond rental location. We will give free consultation to our clients to advice on the best method to cool the premises. Free standing air cond units can be rent for short and long-term usage.
Beside renting the air cond, we also rent DB Box, Cable and Cable Ramp to our customer.

Call us @ +6016-332 1099 to rent commercial air cond at KL, Selangor and Malaysia.