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Kpacific specializes in designing and installing evaporative air cooling and ventilation systems to cool the hot and stuffy area. Kpacific air cooling system is widely use in restaurant, kitchen, hall, warehouse, factories, public area… etc. Sometime installing air-conditioning system at industrial factories are cost prohibited and impractical, today Kpacific could offer an economical way for ventilation and cooling. Kpacific’s innovative evaporative air cooling and ventilation system only consumes 10-15% of electricity compared to air-conditioning system.

Kpacific is experienced in industrial workspace cooling design where we will direct the cool fresh air to the workspace and divert the hot air out from it despite the presence of heat from the machines. The Kpacific series of ducted evaporative air coolers are reliable and cater for of industrial duty. Each of Kpacific air cooler are tested thoroughly by certified technician.

Kpacific offers complete turnkey solution to our customer, we will have on-site study and thermal evaluation for each project. We are confidence that the cooling and ventilation system that we design, workers thermal comfort is achieved!

Our Headquarter is located in Puchong (Kuala Lumpur), we have dealer across the country including Melaka, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. In each of these locations, local supports are available for installations, repairs and maintenance service.

Kpacific’s evaporative air cooling and ventilation system is eco-friendly, economical to install and maintained.

Kpacific also specializes in equipment rental for events and long term rental. Air Cooler and Air Cond rental is available for functions and emergency cooling. Kpacific is experienced in handling large functions, we have completed more thousands of functions. Kpacific also rent portable industrial air conditioner, dehumidifier, genset, cables and DB Box to our clients.

Below are the equipment available for rental:

- Portable Air Cooler Rental

- Commercial Air Cooler Rental

Portable Air Cond Rental

Commercial Air Cond Rental

Emergency Cooling Solutions

DB Box & Cables Rental, Flood Light / Sport Light Rental, Power Point Rental




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