Kpacific Product List

We are one of the largest supplier of evaporative air cooler in Malaysia. We are specialize in eveporative air cooling solutions and ventilation system. We supply portable air cooler, ducted air cooler, commercial air cooler, industrial air cooler, cooling pad, air cooler spare parts, ventilation fan, air diffuser, air grille.... etc

We also provide service to install and repair the air cooler. We will install the air cooler, air cooler's bracket, ducting, connection of power & control cables, incoming and drainage piping to the air cooler.

We also provide warranty and after sales support to all our customer.

Portable Air Cooler

Kpacific Portable Air Cooler: PC-35

Kpacific Portable Air Cooler: PC-100

Kpacific Portable Air Cooler: PC-180C

Kpacific Portable Air Cooler: PC-220

Ducted Air Cooler

Ventilation Fan

Air Difusser

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